Head Gasket Replacement Service

photo of under your car hood, head gasket, blown gasket, damaged gasket repair serviceThe head gasket ensures no fluids leave or enter the engine. This is an important component to the health and functionality of your engine. Without the head gasket firmly in place and in operable condition, your engine would be easily destroyed between the cold coolant and hot gases mixing. Yet, with the regular wear and tear of use, and especially with extreme stress impressed upon it, it will fail all the same. This may come to your notice as you see coolant leaking from the engine. Without the head gasket to stop it, coolant will leak a lot and quickly. Alternately, your gasket may have blown rather than simply failed.

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Don’t Blow a Gasket

Either way, a damaged head gasket needs immediate replacement. Without it you may be facing several thousand dollars’ worth of repairs for your gasket, engine and more. Head gasket damage or failure needs to be addressed as soon as possible

When your head gasket is serviced, this includes:photo of head gasket service

  • Machining the head
  • Replacing the thermostat
  • Flushing and replacing the coolant

Head gasket replacement costs much less than a replacing a severely damaged engine. When your coolant leaks and hot gases escape your engine continuously, then your engine becomes so warped it is beyond repair.

Replacing your head gasket during each tune-up will save you thousands in replacement costs and a priceless amount in headaches, stress and time without your vehicle. Along with the customary tune-up services of changing your oil and topping your coolant, it should be done every 3 months or 3,000 miles.

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