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Brake Repair and ABS Repair

Brake Repair | Premier Automotive Service

Every time you get in your vehicle, you are trusting that the one thing you will be able to rely on most, is its ability to stop again, and slow, when you need it to. Many vehicles have not only brakes, but built-in Antilock Brake System (ABS). If your car needs brake repair or ABS repair in Des Moines trust in Premier Automotive Service Center.

Vehicular brakes of today are disc brake systems. These are hydraulic systems which trigger padded clamps called calipers to squeeze together around the disc, or rotor. The friction the squeezing creates is what slows your car or truck to a full stop. This means your brake pads, the calipers, get worn down over time and become less and less effective in slowing your automobile. When they begin failing, they emit a high-pitched squealing. Your brake pads require replacing when this happens. If you put it off, you will eventually hear grinding instead. This is the calipers and rotors grinding together with no protective pad to keep each part functioning properly. Metal-on-metal grinding leads rapidly to damage to both the rotor and the calipers, requiring repairs which are inevitably more expensive than simply replacing brake pads.

Keeping Full Function and Total Control

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Working brakes are a paramount function to the control and safety of your vehicle's operation. If youphoto of brake pedals, brake repair, ABS repair at all suspect your brakes are in anything but top condition, the smartest move you can make is to bring your car into our body shop. With more than a decade of servicing the Des Moines and Greater Urbandale area, our automotive mechanics are certified and fully trained. Entrusting your brakes in the hands of others is entrusting your safety, and that of your friends and family. That is a responsibility not to be taken lightly or easily given to the closest amateur auto body shop you come across. When it comes to the condition of your brakes, call Premier Automotive. Our team of skilled technicians will help you drive with absolute peace of mind after a visit to our auto shop.

If your car needs ABS repair or brake repair in Des Moines call Premier Automotive Service Center today.

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