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Auto Air Conditioning Service

Car AC Repair

Car AC Repair | Premier Automotive Service

Get your full auto air conditioning service and car ac repair in Des Moines at Premier Automotive Service Center. Our auto a/c repair services are handled by ASE certified mechanics. As an appointed and accredited NAPA AutoCare Center, our highly rated vehicle air conditioning specialists provide top quality services at affordable rates with the singular goal in mind of customer satisfaction. Our mechanics have undergone and completed rigorous training programs to ensure your car or truck is entrusted with expert auto technicians from beginning to end.

Stay Cool

Our crew of professional mechanics will perform a thorough examination of your car's a/c system to check for leaks, loosened ac fittings, damaged O-rings, worn seals or hoses and the state of your radiator. As your vehicle's radiator is what fuels your auto cooling system, it needs to remain clear of blockages and fully leveled off with coolant. Deteriorated radiators fail at coolant circulation and reducing generate heat. Radiators face rapid deterioration by their nature as they become acidic as time passes. Acidic degradation leads to the structural loss of belts, hoses, gaskets, seals, and water pump failure.

Our a/c inspections are methodical and meticulous in order to quickly and accurately detect any weak points within your cooling system.

Auto A/C Experts

Auto A/C Experts | Premier Automotive Service

Coolant flushes performed by professional mechanics at regular intervals go a long way in preventing these issues and many more from coming to fruition. By allowing our certified mechanic specialists to explore your car's a/c components we can safely diagnose and repair any issues within your vehicle's complex cooling system.

Aside from leaking coolant, your car a/c may be failing due to your cooling fan. Without proper air flow, your auto air conditioning breaks down quickly. The cooling experts at Premier Auto will remove any obstructions or debris which may be affecting the operation of your cooling fan. The worst case scenario with this component is the need for a replacement coolant fan. Luckily, these are not usually expensive parts, depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

Another cause for your cooling system to fail is the overheating of your engine. Cooling issues with your engine directly effect the temperature within your vehicle's interior. Only higher temperatures are produced by engines which overheat, proving that your overly warm car may have something much more wrong with it than a simple obstructed cooling fan or leak in your coolant chamber.

Your Vehicle Air Conditioner Solution

Whether your car is facing an electrical or computer malfunction, a weakened component of your air conditioning system, or an overheated engine, our professional mechanics provide the cooling solutions for it all. At Premier Automotive Service Center, our auto body specialists provide auto air conditioning service and car ac repair in Des Moines, IA. Our auto a/c repair services are comprehensive and quickly carried out. Contact us today to have your vehicle checked out by an expert eye.

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