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Certified Check Engine Light Specialists

Certified Check Engine Light Specialists | Premier Automotive Service

There are hundreds of reasons why your check engine light may have begun glowing from your dash this morning. It might be an issue with a cylinder misfiring, a knock sensor circuit function, a faulty oxygen sensor, insufficient exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) flow, or more. When the light comes on it rarely means worst case scenario or expensive repairs are necessary. In fact, if you bring in your vehicle immediately, many customers are fortunate enough to head off much larger, more expensive problems from developing. If yours has turned on, bring in your vehicle to Premier Automotive Service Center. Our certified check engine light specialists in Des Moines perform engine light diagnostics all the time on a multitude of vehicle makes and models. With more than a decade of servicing Des Moines and the Greater Urbandale Area, our ASE certified technicians provide quick response customer service and offer flexible appointment availability.

When To Act

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When the light first comes on, it is because the computer within your vehicle has detected its first hint of an issue. One that is most likely easily fixable as long as it is handled quickly. Like anything else, if you leave one problem neglected, it only leads to worse issues. Our mechanic experts retrieve the photo of check engine light code from your vehicle's computer with the combination of skill, experience, and a reliable diagnostic extraction tool. Our professional mechanics then read and scientifically interpret the code transferred, which points to the specific problem your vehicle is facing. The detailed fault code stores itself within your diagnostic system computer which communicates the portion of your vehicle's equipment which has begun to work improperly.

This means that your check engine light may go off easily, but that is no reason to leave it ignored. Especially if it is flashing. Don't panic, but also be aware that driving long distances after the check engine light has been activated means risking your personal safety and that of any of your passengers. When your check engine light begins glowing, it is definitely a problem better taken care of sooner rather than later.

Have our Premier Automotive Service Center certified check engine light specialists in Des Moines, IA provide your engine light diagnostics today. We are fully licensed and insured, and are prepared to assist you and your vehicle today!

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