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General Upkeep

Engine Replacement, Repair & Rebuild | Premier Automotive Service

For the big jobs and the delicate jobs, trust your vehicle to Premier Automotive Service Center. We specialize in engine replacement, repair and rebuild services in Des Moines. Our mechanics perform heavy duty services with high grade craftsmanship on vehicle engines from a multitude of makes and models. Trained in every major manufacturer’s standards, our experienced engine technicians are the ideal solution for the health of your car.

Like any other auto part, a car engine requires the same general care for sustained preventative maintenance. Routine inspections and tune ups increase the lifespan and performance quality of your engine. As no engine is built to last forever, the best way to maintain peak performance is to provide regular maintenance and engine repairs.

Engine Replacing

If you or someone you know hasn’t been keeping up with regular engine maintenance performed by auto mechanic specialists, then your engine may require replacing. Engine damage can lead your car to breakdown – a stressful and dangerous situation. Engine replacement can sound like a huge undertaking to a car owner, but the quality engine replacement services provided at photo of engine rebuilding, engine repair services. Premier Auto are enough to soothe any car-related anxiety. When you bring your car into our auto care service center, you are putting one of your largest investments into the hands of skilled specialists.

Alternatively, age is also enough to naturally deteriorate an engine. Replacing and rebuilding engines are not unusual services, and after more than a decade serving Des Moines and the Greater Urbandale area, our engine specialists are prepared to assist you as soon as you need it.

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We work quickly and efficiently so that you are not without your car for long. Safe transportation is an important attribute in today’s modern life. Investing in having your engine rebuilt or replaced can save you a lot on replacement parts and repairs later on, as your engine further deteriorates. Call the experienced engine rebuilders right here! At Premier Automotive Service Center, our engine replacement, repair and rebuild services in Des Moines are unmatched. We can assist you today – we are open 6 days a week! Call us now!

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