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Diagnostic Services and Care

Free Diagnostic Services and Care | Premier Automotive Service

At Premier Automotive Service Center, we provide quality service that you can trust, across the greater Des Moines, IA area. Every vehicle that comes into our shop receives a thorough diagnostic and inspection, to keep you safe on the road ahead. Our team is known for our professional care for a myriad of vehicle makes and models. Our diagnostic service is offered in order to catch big problems earlier, and avoid even smaller repairs altogether. During a diagnostic, our certified mechanics check for faulty sensors, sensor circuit malfunctions, insufficient exhaust gas recirculation flow and more!

An engine diagnostic is performed by a certified technician who retrieves information from your vehicle's computer with a specific diagnostic tool. This tool, combined with the designated training our crew of certified automobile specialists has undergone, allows our technicians to understand very precisely which part of your engine is beginning to falter. This service saves you on a lot of time, money and hassle.

The sooner you bring your vehicle in for diagnostic care, the sooner your check engine light will go back off, and you can drive with the total confidence in your car's safety and functionality.

Trust in Your Car Care

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Every time you sit down behind your steering wheel, buckle your seat belt, and roll your starter, you are placing your trust in your vehicle. You are trusting that it will start, and stop, on your command. You are trusting that you can safely maneuver through neighborhoods or speed at a controlled rate down the highway with absolute reliability that your car or truck will slow when you need it. 

This is a lot of trust and confidence placed in one of your largest investments every day.

Basic preventative maintenance is the least you can do to keep this trust. But regardless of the care you provide your vehicle, all engines eventually begin to deteriorate - if only from the passage of time. And your first sign may be either a strange noise or your check engine light glowing suddenly in you dash. Whichever you notice first, act on it quickly. A diagnostic performed by Premier Automotive Service Center is your first step. Our diagnostic services in Des Moines, IA are what make the difference in an engine lasting another decade, or requiring major repairs and replacement parts within the next 12 months. Call today to take advantage of our skills and customer service!

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