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Power Steering Repair

Power Steering Repair | Premier Automotive Service

Power Assisted Steering, more commonly called power steering, plays an integral role in driving modern vehicles. Of course, driving without the assistance of a power steering system is possible. For many years, cars and trucks were produced without power steering. However, today's vehicles come standard with power steering.

The advantages of power steering are obvious and the most easily recognized benefit is the increased control drivers are given while handling their car, truck or SUV through turns. Think about it like this: the average American weighs about 180 pounds, and the average car weighs a shade over 4,000 pounds. A simple calculation reveals that a car is roughly 23 times as heavy as the driver. This means that without power steering, a driver would be responsible for generating the torque necessary to turn an object that is 23 times as heavy the driver.

Simply, this means that cars with power steering require drivers to exert less energy to accomplish the same turns and other driving maneuvers than cars without power steering. If your power steering system fails, you will recognize it virtually instantly because of the dramatic increase in effort you will need to put forth to steer your vehicle successfully. We recommend bringing your car, truck or SUV in for power steering repair in Des Moines as soon as you notice an issue.

Why Choose Premier Automotive Service?

Our mechanics are ASE certified so you can be sure that you are trusting professionals that are held to the highest standards in the auto repair industry. However, this isn't the only certification that we carry. We are a member of the Internation Automotive Technicians Network (iATN) and are a NAPA and AAA-certified auto repair shop.

Because we are a NAPA Auto Care Facility, our shelves are always stocked with all of the parts and tools we need to complete your repairs quickly, meaning that you won't have to wait for us to order parts from a manufacturer or other store to make your repairs.

When you need power steering repair in Des Moines, you know you can count on Premier Automotive Services to get your car back on the road in virtually no time at all! Call now to learn more and schedule your maintenance or repairs.

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