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Preventative Maintenance Vehicle Service

Preventative Maintenance Vehicle Service | Premier Automotive Service

As one of your largest investments, your vehicle needs general upkeep to stay in tip-top shape and it deserves this upkeep to be performed by the best in the industry. As such, the ASE certified mechanics at Premier Automotive Service Center provide the most reliable preventative maintenance vehicle service in Des Moines.

Protecting your investment in the way of your vehicle is an intelligent choice and the easiest and best way to accomplish this is through routine scheduled maintenance. This includes changing your motor oil, rotating your tires, adding coolant, replacing your car battery, replacing your head gaskets and more! Our skilled professionals are ready to get to work for you today so you can get the most drive out of your vehicle for as long as possible. Learn more about our simple maintenance procedures which protect your vehicle by calling Premier Auto today.

Regular inspections can be the difference in keeping you and your vehicle safe, and having a costly, extremely dangerous accident at the worst time. Vehicles which go without regular maintenance are never given the chance to catch minor issues. This leaves only major failures within the vehicle's mechanical system to be faced and by then it is both pricey to have repairs performed as well as severe, extensive damage to your engine. This could mean repairs may not even be possible, and an engine replacement costing thousands of dollars is the only feasible solution.

Basic Car Care

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Experienced vehicle owners know that everyday wear and tear can add up quickly when left unchecked. As a car owner, you should select an auto repair shop, as you would a regular doctor for yourself. You want a place you can take your vehicle to regularly for photo of oil change, engine preventative care maintenance smaller, routine maintenance services. This means you should never select simply the cheapest or the closest auto shop, but instead a team you can trust for every service your car will ever need.

In fact, if you select the most reliable professionals in the city to inspect your vehicle and administer the proper preventative measures, then your car or truck will be in the best hands from the beginning and will require many less repairs down the metaphorical road. Find out about how you can save today on our preventative maintenance vehicle service in Des Moines, IA. Premier Automotive Service Center performs even the smaller services with top quality dedication every time. Just dial to schedule your maintenance inspection today.

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