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Strut Suspension and Shock Replacement

Your strut suspension system and vehicle shock system afford you a large amount of control and safety as you drive unyielding roads. The combination of your struts and shocks suspend your car or truck in a more balanced ride which maintains all four wheels on the road. Blown struts and blown shocks mean, at best, shaky handling on public roads. Call Premier Automotive Service Center for strut suspension and shock replacement services in Des Moines.

If you have noticed any of the following signs about your vehicle, then your shocks and struts need immediate attention:

Strut Suspension and Shock Replacement | Premier Automotive Service
  • Cupped or uneven tire wear
  • Strut or shock bodies are dented or damaged
  • Vehicle leaning or swaying on turns
  • Fluid leaking directly from the strut or shock body
  • Stiff steering or odd noise when steered
  • Excessive bouncing after crossing a road bump
  • "Nose dives" of your vehicle when you apply your brakes
  • General shaky, bumpy or harsh ride while driving

Our mechanic experts will fully inspect your shock and strut suspension for any sign of damage or wear and tear. Our team of ASE certified mechanics will restore your shocks and struts to their previous condition of excellence. This service is vital in stabilizing your vehicle during operation. Rely on our professional suspension specialists to attend to your car's struts and shocks.

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How Do Shocks and Struts Work?

Shocks and struts are two separate suspension mechanisms which operate together as shock absorbers for your vehicle. Specifically, the difference between these two suspension systems is that shocks provide reliable stability though they could, within reason, be removed from your vehicle. On the other hand, if your vehicle had no struts it would leave your car or truck inoperable. You literally would not be able to drive your vehicle without struts. The vehicle would fall to the ground, and stay there.

At Premier Automotive Service Center, we provide Des Moines with strut suspension and shock replacement services that are unbeatable across the local area. Trust in our certified and specially trained mechanics today. We are ASE certified, carry an A+ rating with the BBB, are certified as a NAPA AutoCare Center, and offer 24/hr emergency towing services. Call today!

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