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Transmission Repair and Service

Transmission Repair and Service | Premier Automotive Service

Having your transmission flushed and the transmission fluid changed should be done with your regular vehicle maintenance. All manufacturers even recommend routinely scheduled transmission servicing in order to keep your car in excellent condition. When your transmission is well kept, the rest of your car's mechanical components will follow suit. Ensure that your car remains functioning at its peak performance by scheduling your transmission repair and service in Des Moines by Premier Automotive Service Center certified automobile transmission specialists.

At Premier Auto, our team of professional mechanics service all major makes, including American, German, and more! With more than a decade of experience serving the Des Moines area, our expert mechanics are prepared to handle any mechanical car issue you may be facing.

When It May Be Your Transmission

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Here are a few simple signs to watch out for. If you notice any of the following, then it is time to have your transmission and the rest of your engine professionally inspected:

  • If you have noticed a burning smell coming from under your hood, bring in your car photo of transmission service, gear shiftingimmediately. The transmission fluid may be burning and your transmission is overheating.
  • If your gear slips while you're driving, you can find yourself panicking immediately. It's a frightening thing to press on the pedal and having nothing happen. Slipping gears is a common sign that your transmission is in need of professional attention
  • When you are purposefully in neutral and your transmission is making odd sounds, then it is definitely time to bring your vehicle into the auto body shop you can rely on. Depending on the type of noise coming from under your hood, you may need anything from a transmission fluid change to a full transmission replacement.
  • If you have noticed a large leak beneath your car after you park, you might be seeing transmission fluid. Transmission fluid is red and slightly sweet smelling. If this is what you find on the ground where you usually park, bring your automobile immediately! This is a problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

The certified automobile transmission specialists at Premier Automotive Service Center provide transmission repair and service performed in Des Moines, IA.

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