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Wheel and Tire Services

Wheel and Tire Services | Premier Automotive Service

At Premier Automotive Service Center we provide Des Moines with wheel and tire services, from tire alignment to wheel balancing to tire rotation and flat tire repair. Potholes wreak havoc on the front end alignment of most any car or truck. When your wheel alignment is thrown off then your safety is greatly compromised each time you drive. The catch to misalignments is that it can be difficult for a driver to notice until severe damage is already done. This means regular tire alignment checkups are necessary. Keep your car running smoothly and save the life of your tires today by a simple checkup!

We have been in the business of selling, installing and repairing tires since we opened over 15 years ago. With the technology of today's vehicles, it is very important to get the right tires and correct programming of the tire pressure system. We carry all major tire brands from Goodyear, Michelin, BF Goodrich, Uniroyal, to Toyo! All tires are professionally installed with the latest equipment. Whether you need a single tire on the fly or 4 tires with high definition four wheel alignment, we got you covered!

Flat Tire Repair

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Flat tires can be a serious dampener to your day and can threaten to ruin a few more days if your car isn't taken to the right mechanics. Luckily, Premier Auto is in your neighborhood and has the certified training, skills and experience you want on your side! Repairing a flat tire is a fairly simple matter for any mechanic specialist worth their salt. Most flats are the result of a slow leak. We will locate that leak, remove the object which has punctured your wheel and securely patch the hole with matching rubber. We perform this service as quickly as possible so you can get back on the road, safely, with little inconvenience.

Never put off tending to a flat tire. Low pressure in any single tire can mean losing control of your vehicle on the road when you least expect it.

Tire Rotation

Rotating tires is one way to prevent worn or unbalanced tires from risking your life as you drive. Tire rotation also preserves the life of your tires. If your tires are being noticeably worn away at different rates, then a tire rotation will better balance your front tires and rear tires, ensuring peak performance for a longer span of time. Tire rotation is a general maintenance which can be easily performed with regular tune-up services, such as changing the oil or replacing the head gasket.

Tire balancing is also an excellent way to maintain the overall balance of your vehicle. Contact your local tire service specialists at Premier Automotive Service Center. We offer wheel and tire services in Des Moines including tire rotation, flat tire repair, tire alignment and tire balancing. Just call today and ask about our regular rates!



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