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Door Window Regulator, Replacement and Repair

Door Window Regulator, Replacement and Repair | Premier Automotive Service

Your Premier Automotive Service Center ASE certified mechanics provide door window regulator replacement and repair services in Des Moines.

A door window regulator is a mechanical assembly within your car or truck door which moves the window attached within it up and down. Power may be supplied by a manual crank or an electric motor, depending on the make, model, and year of your particular vehicle. Mounted within the door panel, window regulators - like most modern technological advancements - are never considered by a driver until they stop working. Window regulators are, by their nature, fairly sensitive. A cable or pulley may break or come loose, the gear which drives the mechanical assembly my break, or the regulator carriage may have lost contact with the window and is unable to guide it down or up.

A window regulator is not a large piece of photo of automatic car window regulator equipment; it can't be, as it has to fit within a small, confined space. This makes many car owners initially consider repairing or replacing their regulator themselves. The issue with this is that the regulators are riveted to the actual car door, making their removal or replacement much harder for a novice than one might consider.

If you have an automatic door window regulator, or an electrically-powered regulator, then it will be made with a thin metal cable, two tracks, and plastic pieces which guide the cable. If the plastic pieces break, then the metal cable loosens, and the window will fall inside the door.

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Fixing Your Window Regulator

If your window is moving up or down at an angle, is operating with a new or louder noise than usual, has fallen into your door or will not go up or down at all, then your door window regulator needs a professional inspection to repair it. Our dedicated technicians will skillfully remove your door panel, locate and remove the faulty regulator, replacing it with a fully operational window regulator. We test all door window regulators, and their motors, before reinstalling the door panel with professional care, and returning your vehicle to you better than new! Call Premier Automotive Service Center today or your door window regulator replacement and repair services in Des Moines, IA.

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