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4 Things That Could Be Ruining Your Transmission

Our car transmissions are essential to having our cars work properly. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that can cause transmission damage. Having the proper knowledge can ensure your transmission is always in good condition. If you think your car’s transmission is on the fritz, here are 4 things that could be damaging it.


Not Servicing Your Transmission

Transmission damage can occur when we don’t get the proper servicing. By taking your car in to get serviced, a professional mechanic will be able to give your transmission the maintenance it needs.

Your Transmission Fluids Are Low

Our car transmissions need to be well lubricated in order for them to work efficiently. If there is not enough transmission fluid, then you will eventually have transmission damage.

Too Little, Too Late

Your check engine light comes on, your car is exhibiting signs of overworking, and yet you have not taken it in. If for some reason car repairs are ignored, it can lead to transmission damage that is beyond repair.

You Aren’t Coming to A Complete Stop

Before switching from reverse to drive and vice versa, you should come to a complete stop. Not stopping while you switch gears can really, really hurt your transmission. If your transmission is acting up or you need other auto mechanic services in Des Moines, IA, give the professional auto mechanics at Premier Automative Service a call . We want your car to be in the best condition possible, so we offer quality service that will have your car driving for a very long time.


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