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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Nun’s DUI is No Laughing Matter

Nun’s DUI is No Laughing Matter

The very idea of a nun getting drunk and crashing a car might seem ridiculous, but that’s what prosecutors say happened to Sister Kimberley Miller of Philadelphia in November of 2015. The nun disagrees, blaming the prescription drug Ambien for the perilous drive that ended when her car crashed into an auto shop. Sister Kimberley was not injured in the accident. Nor did she realize she had been arrested until she came to and discovered that her hands were cuffed. She became very upset at that point, never having been arrested before, and insisted that the Ambien had made her act out in her sleep. Witnesses back up the nun’s sleepwalking claim. They have seen her leave her residence before, only to “wake up” when she tripped an alarm. Sister Kimberley also admitted to drinking two glasses of altar wine earlier in the evening, then taking Ambien at bedtime because of her insomnia. It’s possible that her sleepwalking condition mad ... read more


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