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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Rotating Tires: Key in Proper Vehicle Performance

Rotating Tires: Key in Proper Vehicle Performance

Oil changes and brake check ups are necessary elements of regular vehicle maintenance, but equally as important is caring for your tires. Tire rotation allows your tires to wear at a more even rate to keep you from having to replace them quicker than is necessary. To help you remember to include tire rotation as part of your regular maintenance plan, we walk through the benefits to performance and safety here. Your tires sustain wear at different rates depending on their location on your vehicle. Your driving style and the configuration of your car largely determine which tires wear down faster, but tires that are responsible for acceleration and steering are likely to first show signs of wear. Driving on tires that all have a similar, safe amount of tread is important in order to avoid being surprised by tires that do not properly respond to your inputs on the controls. Rotating Tires Regularly By rotating your tires to a ... read more


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