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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Top Reasons for Regular Oil Changes

Top Reasons for Regular Oil Changes

Regular oil changes is a essential form of maintenance for every vehicle. There is a large risk of damage to important equipment including the engine if the oil is not changed properly or not often enough. Here are four reasons for changing the oil in your vehicle: 1. Engine Performance The motor oil keeps the engine running smoothly. Without it, friction will build up and cause wear and tear on parts in the engine until it eventually breaks down. The oil acts as a lubricant as well as a way to absorb excess heat in order to keep the engine cool. Changing the oil is a great way to maintain engine performance. 2. Prevent Oil Buildup Oil in the engine begins to break down over time which creates a sludge as the oil starts to solidify. Replacing the oil on a regular schedule prevents the sludge from building up. If the oil is replaced often, the sludge can caus ... read more


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