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How to Check Your Motor Oil Level

Regularly checking the oil levels in your car is important when it comes to maintaining a healthy and safe car. It's a simple maintenance item that can help you identify any issues early on, such as leaks, which can cause major damage to your engine. We recommend that you check your motor oil level at least once a month and especially before you embark on any long drives.  Here is how to check your motor oil level: We recommend checking your oil levels before driving your vehicle, as they will appear lower right after your engine is running.  Make sure your car is parked on an even and flat surface.  Find the oil dipstick in your vehicle under the hood. The best way to find this is by refering to your vehicle's owner's manual.  Pop the hood to do the step above.  Most dipsticks will have a colored cap, such as yellow or orange, which will help you better locate the dipstick.  Grab a paper towel or an old rag. Slowly pull out the dipstic ... read more

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