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Blown Head Gasket Signs

How to Tell You Have a Blown Gasket


The best way to discover something in your car has gone awry is by turning off the radio for a short while during a drive. Then you’ll be able to detect any odd car sounds as well as allow yourself to be more observant to the feel of your car – how hard do you have to pull on your steering wheel, how far are you pressing your brake pedal before your car slows down, how easily is your gear shift changing? If you notice any difference in these operations or find that there are squealing, grinding, or rattling noises occurring, then it is best to take your vehicle in to a professional mechanic immediately. These small symptoms, if caught early enough, can save you hundreds or thousands on later repairs or component replacements if left unchecked. Signs that your engine may be having trouble could be symptomatic of a blown head gasket. It is easiest to tell if this may be what is happening beneath your vehicle’s hood if you notice any of the following:

  • Loss of power
  • Bubbles or exhaust gas in your radiator
  • Coolant leaking from the cylinder head or engine block
  • Coolant flowing out of or away from your coolant reservoir
  • Engine overheating
  • White smoke emanating from the tail pipe
  • White milky substance is around or in your engine oil

The head gasket acts as the sealant between your cylinder head and engine block. It prevents coolant and hot gases from traveling into the chambers they are not meant to. Without a head gasket, this exchange of gases and coolant warp the engine beyond repair. A blown head gasket would allow combustion gases to travel through the cooling passages and the coolant to leak into the combustion chamber. This is what causes the white smoke from your tail pipe.

If you notice any of these blown head gasket signs of your vehicle in Des Moines, IA, call Premier Automotive Service Center. We will use proper head gasket sealer to quickly stop the leaks, drain the harmful mixtures from your mechanical system, and replace the head gasket to ensure absolute separation between oil, coolant, and hot gases.


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