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Do I Need a Tire Rotation?

You hear the term "tire rotation" and think back - you aren't sure if you've ever had this service done or what it even entails. We have found that most car owners don't know the true important of a tire rotation or how often it should be completed. Lets talk about what exactly a tire rotation is and why it is so important to maintaining your tires. 

What exactly is a tire rotation?

A tire rotation consists of simply rotation your tires around. For example, the front tire will be moved to the back, the back to the front, and so on. Essentially, every tire will see every corner of your vehicle. 

Why is a tire rotation important?

When you rotate your vehicle's tires on a regular basis, you will significantly expand their lifespan. This is because some tire positions may endure more pressure or weight than the others, usually the front tire on your driver side. Since this tire will be subject to more weight and pressure, it will wear out faster than the others. In order to ensure that each tire wears out evenly so that you replace your tires as a set, it is important to have your vehicle's tires rotated. 

How often do I need a tire rotation? 

Your vehicle's owner's manual or factory recommendations will give you the best interval for how often your tires should be rotated. We recommend at least every 6,000 miles or so, but it depends on your vehicle and your driving habits. You can always consult one of the experts here at Premier Automotive Service for more information. 

Are you due for a tire rotation? If so, give us a call today! We are the experts in tire rotation and will ensure that your tires are well maintained throughout the years. 

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