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Do You Need to Change Your Differential Fluid?

Did you know that most car owners today usually care less about differential fluid replacement? But this isn't something you should ignore, as it can cause huge damage if ignored.

If you are a domestic or commercial vehicle driver, here is everything to know about regular differential fluid changes, including their benefits.

Differential Fluid Changes Explained

What is differential fluid? Differential fluid is typically the oil present in your car's drivetrain. While it is normal for differential fluid to last longer than many other automotive fluids, you should change it after approximately every 30,000 to 60,000 miles.

However, note that the lifespan of differential fluid can vary depending on several factors.
Changing differential fluid is often tough hence the need to ensure only an expert technician does the job. Remember that the old, bad differential fluid should not come into contact with the new fluid.

Why Change Differential Fluid: The Benefits

As mentioned above, differential fluid is designed to be applied to your vehicle's drivetrain. Therefore, it serves several purposes and benefits, including the following;

  • It facilitates the smooth control of your vehicle's outer wheels.
  • The differential fluid maintains a proper distance between your vehicle's exterior and inside wheels.
  • Improving the car's stability when making twists and turns and throughout the ride

With this in mind, it helps to find an experienced mechanic skilled at properly wiping out all the old differential fluid from the drivetrain before applying the new one.

Ultimately, regular and timely differential fluid changes have benefits such as smoother rotations and turns and better road grip. Additionally, you get to enjoy a more responsive vehicle.

Are you ready to have a new differential fluid change? We invite you to bring your vehicle to Premier Automotive Service.


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