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Does My Car Really Need Fluid Exchanges?

Your car uses different fluids that help to run it. And over time, these car fluids collect contaminants or get depleted. These pollutants slow the performance, so regular fluid servicing is vital for a safe and seamless driving experience.

During fluid servicing, the mechanic recommends flushing out the fluids and replacing them with new ones. The entire car system is then cleansed with specialized cleaning fluid or water to eliminate any grime or grit that builds up over time.

These are some of the fluids in your car and the importance of having them flushed and replaced.

  • Transmission Fluid

Depending on your car model, some mechanics recommend that you change the transmission fluid every 60,000-100,000 miles. Manufacturer recommendations also determine the frequency of changing this fluid.

  • Brake Fluid

Although brake fluid exchanges are rare, they are critical if there is moisture in your braking system that causes it to rust. If the brake fluid overheats, it also calls for fluid exchange.

  • Engine Oil

A licensed mechanic breaks down carbon deposits and sludge in the engine oil using a unique cleanser. First, the mechanic drains the old oil and then replaces it with new oil.

  • Radiator Flush

Cars manufactured from about 2011 use a newer, orange-colored coolant. And this fluid does not require frequent radiator flushes; it can withstand higher temperatures with better corrosion protection. Plan an appropriate flushing schedule according to the manufacturer's instructions.

However, for older models, draining and flushing the coolant fluid should be scheduled approximately every two years.

  • Power Steering Fluid

This low viscosity hydraulic fluid optimizes your power steering system by adding pressure to the steering system. Although rare, ensure to have this fluid checked twice each year. If metal deposits or grits are present in the power steering fluid, have a mechanic flush it out.

Importance of Fluid Flushes

Most fluids are essential for lubricating and cooling car parts when driving. Ensure to schedule and complete the flushes following your car's manufacturer to prevent untimely breakdowns and untimely repairs. Failure to flush these fluids lowers your car's performance and can also cause damage to your car's physical components.

Just in case you bought a pre-owned or used car the more reasons to flush and replace car fluids frequently. You can schedule a car inspection with our certified and experienced mechanics. If you need fluid services performed, don't hesitate to give Premier Automotive Service a call today!

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