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How to Tell If You Need An Oil Change

Oil changes are one of the most important and most frequent car maintenance services that you can get. This type of service is regularly done because it helps promote your engine's longevity, health, and performance. Clean engine oil provides good greasing for your engine parts, which allows them to move with ease. Also, the fresh engine oil will ensure you get effective and efficient performance, resulting in good gas mileage. With all these incredible benefits, you should never put off a needed oil change.

3 Signs That You Need an Oil Change

  • Sign #1: Dark or Dirty Oil - Fresh oil should have an amber color and be free of contaminants. With usage over time, the oil will naturally pick up scraps and sit in your engine. Therefore, it's essential to check your oil levels periodically, using a rag and the oil dipstick provided near the motor. 
  • Sign #2: Engine Knocking - Another obvious sign that your engine oil is bad or low is that you might notice knocking sounds from under the hood. Since oil allows the smooth movement of engine parts, you will hear its loud friction when you don't have enough oil. 
  • Sign #3: Oil Light On - Your dashboard should be your number one go-to if you want to look into potential vehicle troubles. Most of the time, the oil light will light up on your dash when you are due for an oil change. In extreme circumstances, the check engine light might also illuminate when your engine is compromised.

Oil Change in Urbandale, IA

Oil changes shouldn't have to be a dreaded occasion. At Premier Automotive Service, we make it our goal to make your auto experience as seamless as possible. If you are looking for dependable and high-quality auto services in Urbandale, IA, please give Premier Automotive Service a call or visit today.

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