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Keep Safe on the Road on July 4th Weekend

The Fourth of July is a much anticipated day throughout the year - many of us are looking forward to getting together with friends and family and making memories. From the barbecues to the fireworks, celebrating America's Independence Day is always a good time. But, did you know that the day of July 4th is often recorded as having the most vehicle accidents in the year? This is due to a number of reasons, but mostly due to both alcohol consumption and traffic. With that being said, while the Fourth of July should be a special occasion, we should also be aware of the risks and try to keep safe on the road as best as we can. 

  • First and foremost, if you're planning on traveling somewhere for the July 4th weekend, we highly suggest that you bring your vehicle into Premier Automotive Service for an inspection before you go. Mechanical issues often lead to accidents, and can definitely ruin a great weekend. We will perform a pre-trip inspection to ensure that your vehicle will make it through the trip safely. 
  • This should be a no brainer, but please do not drink and drive during your weekend festivities. Regardless of your plans, if you are planning on consuming alcohol, do not drive your vehicle. Have a safe place to stay or arrange a ride with a designated driver or a rideshare app. 
  • Eliminate distractions while on the road and practice defensive driving. While you can do everything in your power to make your drive safe, you can't control the poor decisions of others. Be aware of your surrounding drivers on the road and practice defensive driving techniques to avoid accidents. 
  • Be super cautious when driving through neighborhoods. People could be putting off fireworks themselves, which can be dangerous for cars passing by. Watch the road intently for fireworks or keep on main roads if possible. Also, drive slowly and look for pedestrians.
  • Know your destination and understand where you can park your vehicle when you get there. Many parks or other areas hosting fireworks or celebrations may be packed full, so try to arrive early and park your vehicle in a safe place. 
  • We know that fireworks can be distracting on the road, but try to keep your eyes straight ahead while driving! 
  • If you can, try to minimize your driving as much as possible on this day. If you can walk to a nearby park to watch fireworks, you'll save yourself a lot of time and risk associated with driving around on the 4th. 

We hope that these safety tips will be helpful when it comes to celebrating this July 4th. Happy Independence Day! 

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