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Nitrogen Vs. Air

You might be wondering whether nitrogen is better for your tires or air! If that's the case you are in the right place. It's also possible that nitrogen in the tires can be a new concept for you so deciding whether it's a viable option or not could be on your mind. Understanding what's the better option can help.

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Nitrogen Vs Air

Let's start the debate:

  • If you are considering a Nitrogen upgrade then expect the price to be up to $150 for the full upgrade. The price would depend on your installation location so keep that in mind. On the other hand, you might be using the regular air so you can avoid the cost of upgrading. In any case, it's your choice so you can decide what's better for you.
  • Nitrogen is not flammable so it would be safe for your tires. The regular tires are also safe.
  • If you are using Nitrogen instead of air in the tires, you can expect the tire pressure to be consistent as compared to using the air in tires.
  • Oxygen can retain moisture while Nitrogen is a dry gas. So filling up the tire with air means that it can corrode from the inside over time. You might notice that the tire shop would use up to 95% pure Nitrogen and if you ask them, you can hear this reason.

Wrapping It Up

If you are deciding between air or nitrogen for your tires, you can opt for the one you prefer most! Nitrogen falls in the premium category, so if you can bear the cost then why not! But the regular air has its benefits too and there is not enough evidence to support the Nitrogen over the regular air. You almost get the same benefits. The choice is yours! Plus if you have opted for Nitrogen and it's not available at your nearby tire shop then you can fill your tire with regular air and next time you can opt for Nitrogen again.

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