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Signs of Worn Suspension Components

Signs of Worn Suspension Components in Urbandale, IA | Premier Automotive Service

Engine or suspension system failures are things car owners never want to hear. These parts are ideally meant to last as long as the car with little maintenance. The suspension, on the other hand, requires substantial maintenance. To properly maintain your car's suspension, the following are signs of worn suspension components:

Loose Steering Wheel

The suspension and steering systems in your car are very closely linked. If one of your suspension parts fails, the steering wheel will feel loose or like it is ‘playing.

Steering the vehicle will be difficult, which can cause safety issues. Though a loose steering wheel can be caused by other things, worn-out suspension components are prime culprits.
Repairing or replacing the damaged part is the way to fix the steering issue.

Bumpy Ride

The most apparent sign that you have worn suspension parts is an uncomfortable ride. The car's suspension system is responsible for absorbing the impact of bumps on the road.

You will feel some bumps while driving, but if the ride is too bumpy, it is definitely an issue with the car's suspension components. Replacing the worn suspension part is the only solution.

Squeaking, Clanking, Or Knocking Sounds

If you hear repetitive squawking, clanking, or knocking noises coming from the engine, it is a sign of a debilitated suspension part. When there are damaged suspension components, other parts may come loose, which causes the noises.

The more you drive on damaged suspension system components, the worse the noises will become. Eventually, the parts will be too loud, or the car will break down. The solution is to repair or replace the damaged suspension parts as soon as possible.

If you need suspension repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Premier Automotive Service in Urbandale, IA today.

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