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Signs You Need a New Battery

Car Repair

To avoid getting stranded, have your battery inspected or replaced every three years. No one wants to get stuck with an inoperable car battery. For many people, this annoyance can seem like it always comes out of nowhere. Since the car battery doesn’t give many obvious outward signs of decay, non-attentive car owners truly can get stranded. As a general rule of thumb, get a new battery for your car every three years. Otherwise, pay attention to these warning signs.

Indicators You May Need a New Battery

Low Fluid: A portion of your battery case is translucent to allow for the inspection of your fluid level. If the fluid falls below the lead plates on the inside — the location of the energy conductors - then it's likely time for a replacement. Check Engine Light: Your check engine light can indicate many things. Low battery life serves as one of these. When you take your car in to get it checked, make sure your battery gets some attention.
Battery Leakage: A leaky battery is one that has neared the end of its life cycle. Leakage can appear as corrosion around the battery posts. If you do not clean this off, your car may not start.
Bloated Case: When a battery gets too hot, it can swell the case. While not in and of itself a sign of a dying battery, a swollen case can greatly decrease the battery’s life.

Most encounters with a dead battery come from overhead lights accidentally left on overnight. If you can see no outward cause, but your car won’t start, then your battery may have reached the end of its life cycle. To schedule service for a new battery, or to attend to any of your car’s needs, contact Premier Automotive Service today .


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