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The Importance of Replacing Fuel and Air Filters

The Importance of Replacing Fuel and Air Filters

Car maintenance and upkeep can become costly if you let it. That is why many people look for ways to cut down on their repair costs. A lot of the time, this leads to refusing services that seem unimportant or redundant. When you hear "filter replacement" you may think that it is not important. However, replacing your fuel and air filters are far more important than you know.

Air and Fuel Filters


Your vehicle is run by an internal combustion engine. In order to function, it needs fuel to create the energy used in vehicular motion. This fuel will either be gas or diesel, depending on your vehicle. Your fuel is then mixed in a proper ratio with air to create combustion and get your vehicle moving. When fuel and air are put into your vehicle, many different contaminants can be pulled with them. These contaminants, like dust, dirt, worn metal flakes, and more, can travel through your car and cause immense widespread damage, even rendering your car inoperable. This is where filters come in. They allow the air and fuel to pass, giving your car the clean fuel and air needs to get going! Replacement becomes necessary over time. Like air filters within your home, filters within your car can become laden with debris and particles, making it harder for your car to draw the right amount of fuel and air. Worse yet, they can become damaged, allowing particles to attack your engine. With a replacement, your engine becomes more efficient and extensive damage can be prevented.

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