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What is 30/60/90K Vehicle Maintenance?

What is 30/60/90K Vehicle Maintenance?

You probably have heard the term 30/60/90K Vehicle Maintenance when buying a new car. The name comes from the general maintenance schedule of any vehicle where maintenance is required every 30,000 miles. Therefore, these numbers denote the number of miles at which the maintenance must be done. However, the actual miles may vary from one model to another and depending on its build.

Why Is It Important To Keep With the Maintenance Schedule?

You should honor the maintenance schedule for the following reasons:

• Your manufacturer warranty is dependent on it. Most manufacturers do not honor the warranty if you do not follow the scheduled maintenance program.

• Regular maintenance may help save you thousands in repair costs as the vehicle does not get to the point of breaking down.

• It extends the value of the vehicle. The reason is that the vehicle runs optimally for longer when it is well-maintained.

• The car retains its value. Well-maintained vehicles fetch a higher resale value than their poorly maintained counterparts.

What Does 30/60/90K Maintenance Entail?

The required maintenance may vary from one manufacturer to another. However, a mechanic will do a full vehicle inspection to find problems and repair or replace damaged components. Here are some of the most popular components of the maintenance process:

• Rotating tires
• Changing filters and oil
• Replacing fluids such as coolant, brake, and transmission fluids or topping them up
• Placing plug wires and spark plugs
• Checking belts and hoses and replacing those that are worn out

The number of parts to be replaced differs with the age of the vehicle. At 30,000 miles, you only expect a replacement of spark plugs, rotation of wheels, and topping up of fluids. However, at 90,000 miles, you may need to replace the timing belt, battery, and other major components of the engine.

Unless stated on the warranty, you can have the scheduled maintenance at any professional auto center. In most cases, a trusted, independent auto repair center would do it at a lower price than the dealership center.

When you need factory vehicle maintenance performed, visit our auto repair shop for professional service!

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