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What Should I Do When My Engine Overheats?

The engine of a vehicle can get to very extreme temperatures. For it to remain operational, it relies on the cooling system and oil. When and if it does overheat, you'll be sure to know. Your temperature gauge will go up on your dashboard, you may see a coolant or check engine light, and you may even notice smoke coming from under the hood. Read on to learn about what you should do in an incident where your engine overheats:

Step 1 - Turn on the Heat

It may seem counterintuitive, but it is advised that you turn on the heat when your car does overheat. The system draws the excess heat away from the hot engine and into the passenger cabin when you switch it on. In some circumstances, it can turn around the overheating altogether.

Step 2 - Pull Over to a Safe Spot

When your engine overheats, you need to find a safe location to pull over to. If your motor is still hot after turning the heat on, you will need to turn the car off completely to cool off. Otherwise, it may lead to engine damage. 

Step 3 - Check Your Coolant

Once your car cools down, one of the first things you should proceed to do is check your coolant levels. If you notice the fluid is low, you can add some carefully with a funnel. 

Step 4 - Flush Your Coolant

In some cases, the coolant or cooling system is too contaminated. So adding new coolant will not help the engine. You would need a mechanic to perform a professional fluid flush in this situation. 

Visit Your Mechanic

Once you've noticed your engine is overheating, please give Premier Automotive Service a call or visit. Taking your car to a certified technician allows us to determine the root cause of the problem and what we can do to fix it.

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