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When Should Brakes Be Replaced?


Brakes are a necessary safety feature that require maintenance every once in awhile to ensure they work 100% of the time . So when should you replace the brakes? These are some things to keep in mind to determine whether your vehicle needs new brakes.

The brakes on your car are some of the most important safety features available for you to use. It is vital to keep your brakes well maintained and replace the brake pads as needed. Not sure where to start with brake maintenance? Here are some tips to keep your car running properly and safely.

Checking your brake pads typically isn’t necessary since they come with a built-in indicator that will let you know when it’s time to replace them. If your brakes make a high pitched squeal every time you use them, the brake pads have worn thin to the point that the small indicator attached them are rubbing against the rotor. Other indications that it’s time for new brake pads could be the vehicle taking longer to stop when the brakes are applied or having to push the brake pedal down further than normal to get the brakes to kick in.

You’ll find that the rotors, or brake discs, won’t wear out as quickly as the brake pads. The discs will form grooves over time as they wear. Once these grooves are prominent you’ll want a new set of rotors. Otherwise, any new brake pads you install on the vehicle will wear out even faster.

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