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When Should I Change My Power Steering Fluid?

Most motorists are aware whenever they need their tires replaced, or oil changed. However, the power steering fluid is often overlooked or sometimes unknown altogether. The power steering fluid is a pressure-driven fluid that drives the steering system. Similar to your other liquids, you should regularly swap out your power steering fluid. Though it may not need to be replaced as often as motor oil, it can still get contaminated, with dirt and grime, over time. When the power steering fluid gets nasty, it adds tension and stress to the power steering pump. In some cases, it can lead to the failure of the entire steering system.


Signs That It's Time to Have a Power Steering Fluid Replacement


After starting your car for several minutes, open the hood of your vehicle and remove the dipstick. The color of your power steering fluid should be bright red, and the liquid should be clear of debris. If you notice that the solution is dark, grimy, or has a burnt smell, then you should have your vehicle checked out by a professional. You may need to have the system flushed out and replaced with fresh power steering fluid.  


A contaminated power steering solution will make the power steering pump work harder. Additionally, the extra struggle will make the system release a loud noise. A noisy powering system pump means that there is a problem with your power steering system.  


If the steering wheel is rigid and becomes difficult to turn, the power steering liquid may be the problem. A steering wheel that no longer turns effortlessly can indicate that the fluid is running low or contaminated. We recommend that you take your vehicle to Premier Automotive Service for a vehicle inspection to determine the root of the problem. 


Power Steering System Repairs in Urbandale, IA

Don't wait until your car sustains damage before flushing or changing out your power steering fluid. We recommend that you take action as soon as possible because power steering fluid directly affects your vehicle's responsiveness and your overall safety. If you need any maintenance service or repairs, give us a call or come by our shop today. Our team of skillful technicians at Premier Automotive Service is waiting to serve you.


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