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When was the last time your tires were rotated and balanced?

When it comes to vehicle components, your tires rank pretty high. You can't get where you're going without strong, durable tires, which means you need to prioritize tire maintenance and an eventual replacement as required.

While the cost of getting all new tires may give you a bit of sticker shock, one of the best ways to prolong the life of your tires is to commit to routine tire rotation and balancing. This is true for both new cars and older models.

So, the first thing to ask yourself is how long has it been since your last tire rotation and balancing service? Tire specialists and auto manufacturers recommend rotating and balancing tires with every seven thousand miles give or take. This number may vary slightly based on the size of your vehicle and its tires.

Next, it's important to understand what these two services accomplish and how they differ. Tire rotation is when the mechanic takes the wheels off and replaces them front to back and right side to left side. This provides better protection for your tires, the front ones in particular, as you turn and brake.

Tire balancing requires a special machine to confirm if the tire weight is evenly distributed across all four wheels. If it's not, a mechanic can attach tiny led weights onto the wheel rim to balance the tires. By bringing your vehicle in for a tire rotation and balance service, you can take the pressure off your front tires and hopefully prevent having to replace two tires at a time.

Purchasing new tires can eat up time and money, so whatever you can do to avoid that and work toward replacing a full set instead of just the front tires is worth it. Of course, safety always comes first and you should trust your mechanic's judgment on the condition of your tires and your car in general.

One handy rule of thumb is to add rotation and balancing to your to-do list every other time you go for an oil change. If you have any questions about the timing or your tire's rotation and balance requirements, don't hesitate to come into our shop here at Premier Automotive Service for assistance! 

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