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Why Does My Vehicle Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

There's nothing more alarming than stepping into your car and being greeted with a horrible smell. When something with a strong smell gets into your vehicle cabin, your first instinct is usually to find where it is coming from. One of the most frightening odors that can emit from your car is the smell of rotten eggs. This foul smell almost always points to a severe problem with your catalytic converter.


The catalytic converter plays an integral part in your car's emissions system by removing and converting hazardous gasses to safer ones before they can be released into the air. When this part malfunctions, harmful gasses are discharged into the atmosphere, making your vehicle smell of sulfuric acid.


Truthfully, catalytic converter repairs and replacements are not cheap or easy; however, you can always count on the expert technicians at Premier Automotive Service to help. Our team can get to the bottom of your catalytic converter problem. We often find a bad pressure sensor at the root of catalytic converter trouble. Over years and years of use, they can also become contaminated, clogged, overheated, or physically damaged through wear and tear. The only way to know for certain what's causing this terrible odor is by bringing your vehicle to a trusted mechanic.


Is this smell dangerous? 

Yes, the smell can be threatening to your health if potent enough. The harmful gasses are not only dangerous for you but also for the environment. Lastly, running with a broken catalytic convertor is bad for your vehicle's health and runs the risk of catching your car on fire.


Catalytic Converter Repair in Urbandale, IA

If you are looking for honest and reliable catalytic converter repair, look no further than Premier Automotive Service. Please give us a call or visit today! 

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