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Why Is My Car Vibrating When I Brake?

Vibrations in your car can be jarring, mainly when performing something critical like braking. You should consider a brake service if you feel vibrations/ shaking when using your brakes.

Why Is My Car Vibrating When I Brake?

"Brake shudder" refers to the shaking or vibration you feel through the brake pedal and the steering wheel when you brake in your vehicle. Brake shudder often occurs due to problems with the brake rotors (or brake discs). When your car's brake rotors are unevenly worn, its brake pads tend to get in contact with the flat spots available on the disc's surface. In turn, this causes the shaking that you feel.
This form of uneven wear of your brake discs could result from several things. For example, it might be the poor installation of the rotors or the brake calipers not functioning correctly. It could also be the appropriate bedding-in procedure not having been used if there has been a recent installation of new brake pads.
Although this is the most common cause of vibrating brakes, there are several other possible explanations for why you're experiencing this symptom.

How Do You Fix Vibrating Brakes?

If the primary cause of the shuddering brakes is associated with unevenly worn brake rotors, they'll have to be machined to iron out these flat spots. They could also be replaced entirely based on the condition of the discs.
And if the issue is associated with the brake pads, they'll have to be cleaned up or replaced by a qualified mechanic to stop the shaking brakes. If brake shuddering in your car results from wheel alignment, this will need to be handled by a mechanic.

We Have Your Back

Vibrating and shaking as you brake is frustrating and can indicate severe wear that you wouldn't want to ignore.
Don't hesitate to schedule a brake service at our auto repair shop or a Full Vehicle Inspection if you think your car is showing other concerning symptoms. Our licensed mechanics will diagnose the cause of your vehicle's vibrations and give you every detail before beginning any repairs.

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