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Why Your Car Needs Regular Oil Changes

Most vehicle owner's are aware of the cardinal rule of car ownership - to have your vehicle's oil changed every 3 months or 3,000 miles. Although we know that it is important, most may not understand why, and why it is needed so often. 
When you visit Premier Automotive Service for your regular oil change, your engine oil is replaced, the system is flushed out, and a new oil filter is installed. This engine oil has a very important job - it keeps your vehicle's engine lubricated. This lubrication keeps the engine from overheating and helps to avoid metal to metal contact between vital components. The engine oil also helps pick up debris and dirt as it circulates which helps to keep the engine clean. 
When the oil picks up dirt throughout the engine, it brings it back through the oil filter, which catches all of the grime. The oil filter will eventually become clogged up after filtering the oil, and this is why the oil filter also needs to be replaced regularly. It is also important to flush out the entire oil chamber to make sure it is clean for when the new oil is added.
The oil change may seem like a simple service, but it is extremely important to the health of your car. Skipping an oil change can cause your engine to overheat and become damaged, that can cost you thousands to repair. Be sure to always stay on top of your vehicle's recommended oil changes. Here at Premier Automotive Service, we will be happy to help you stay current with oil changes and remind you of when the service is soon to be due. 
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