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Winter Safety: How to Prepare Your Car For Winter

Winter Safety

With the new year here, people are making resolutions to better or enjoy themselves more in 2017. Do you have a resolution yet? Consider making 2017 the year of road safety. Winter is not a car friendly time, so what better time to start than now? Keeping your car prepared and yourself ready during this season can protect you from the worst winter can throw your way. How do you prepare? We have compiled a short checklist of ways to keep your car in top shape this winter season.

Winter Car Checklist

Check Your Fluids

Checking everything from your windshield wiper fluid to your oil can really keep your car in top condition. Make sure you have enough in your vehicle and if fluid levels are low, have your local auto mechanic service the vehicle. You may inquire regarding winter windshield fluid and oil. Both are designed for optimal performance during colder temperatures.

Is It Time for New Tires?

Low tire pressure and wear can put you in a tight spot on the road. Make sure you verify the tread on your tires is not too worn down and that your tires maintain their best pressure. If you notice that there is a great amount of wear on your tires, it is best to get new tires instead of risking loss of control on the road later.

Test Your Heater

Much like your home heater, you probably do not run your car heater until the winter time. Whenever you are able, try a heater test to make sure it is running. If it is not blowing hot air or not performing, have it inspected. A broken heater can not only put you in danger but signal a bigger issue within your engine.

Make A Winter Emergency Kit

Always be prepared for the worst case scenario! While it sounds morbid, packing an emergency “go bag” can help in the event of a car accident. Pack things like extra blankets, an ice scraper, first aid kit, a road emergency kit of flares and sand, and even snacks. A key tip: see if your local auto repair store has emergency battery packs for cell phones. These handy little boxes can store extra charge to give your cell phone some juice when you need to contact 911. Of course, you should always have your car checked out by your local auto mechanic as regularly as needed. This will ensure your car is always at its best. If you need a vehicle inspection or want to get your car ready for winter, give Premier Automotive a call today ! And remember, lets make 2017 the year of road safety.


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