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Top 4 Reasons For A Check Engine Light

Once in awhile, you may encounter the surprise of hopping in your car and seeing an unusual light on your dashboard telling you to check your engine. Unlike the low tire light and some of the other indicators in your car, the check engine light can signal many different problems. Below are the top reasons that this light would come on.


Gas Cap

If the offending part is your gas cap, your car is letting you know that the cap is not there at all or fuel fumes are leaking out. Replacement gas caps are a cheap and easy part to replace yourself. However, if your gas cap is on tight, this may be a faulty sensor, which a mechanic can fix.

Oxygen Sensor

Your car has oxygen sensors that monitor its emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere. Not only does this handy tool save the environment, it also saves you money on gas by increasing your car's efficiency! A licensed specialist can replace a faulty oxygen sensor and send you on your way.

Spark Plugs

The spark plugs in your engine transfer electricity that causes fuel combustion to run your car. When one of these plugs misfires, you may notice a jolting in your engine that accompanies the light. Spark plugs and their surrounding wires are inexpensive and easy for you or a pro to replace. This will help your car run its best!

Mass Airflow Sensor

The mass airflow sensor is another mechanism that aids in fuel efficiency. It monitors and adjusts the amount of fuel your engine uses depending on how you’re driving. You may start to notice decreased MPG when this sensor fails along with the check engine alert light.

There are many more reasons why this light could come on — these are simply a few of the most common. If your check engine light comes on, our licensed mechanics in Urbandale, IA can find the problem and address it! Call us for all your auto repair needs.


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